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This piece is a barrier against fire and heat, a protective wall for the home, and as such, its design is based on symbols of water and fire.

It is made in one piece of refractory ceramic and its dimensions are 50 cm wide and 40 cm high, with a thickness of 2 cm. Worked in low relief, completed with an oxide coating and fired at 1260 ° C.
The base is a construction made of rusted iron.

It can be performed and customized on request.

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Wall Art

The ceramic panel WAY OF MONKS was commissioned in 2008 by the City of Terrassa (Barcelona) to ceramic workshop of the Municipal School of Art to apply it to the cemetery wall, where the way runs.

Mural made with the technique of low relief, using refractory clay and glazes high temperature.

We worked for two months on a structure of 480 x 150 cm. that was used to support 250 kg of clay which were used for its realization.

Once was divided into a total of 74 pieces were emptyed and left to dry for two months to be able to bake.

He biscuits to 980 ° C, enamel with paintbrush and baking again at high temperature (1260 ° C).

It was inaugurated on 17 March 2009.

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Large mural made of refractory clay, glazed and baked at high temperature (1260 ° C).

Composed of a panel divided into six pieces and presented on a black wooden base.

The fish were taken one by one, using a mold, with white refractory, oxides and glazes.

The total size of the panel is 98 cm. x 66 cm.

Currently located on the wall of the dining room of a residence overlooking the sea.

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Mama Terra Logo

This sign was manufactured ​​in 2010 and attached to the outside wall of my school / pottery studio in the small town of Matadepera (Barcelona).

The piece is made of refractory clay of medium weight and the writing is crafted with embossed letters. The whole sign was too large to fit into the oven, therefore it was cut into smaller pieces, enameled and burned in the ceramic oven at 1260 ° C.

Pieces can be ordered, customized and personalized with a logo.

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